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Moving my blog

Well I’m making the jump over to blogger.  I won’t be updating this one anymore.
Here is the new address:
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Neglecting my blog

Busy, busy, busy here still.  By the time I slow down enough to think about updating the blog it seems as though its time to get some sleep.  First I’ll show off the progress in the entry area.  Keith started hanging the drywall this weekend.

Then Friday night I headed out for a Girls Night Out crop at the local scrapbooking store and had a blast!  Nothing better than getting together with a bunch of gals, eating some good food, and scrappin’!  I got a couple layouts finished while I was there and Saturday I did a layout for a challenge on ScrapJazz.   The challenge was to dig WAY back in to old photos and find one of your senior picture.  It has been 15 years since graduation and as I looked at mine now I saw a girl that thought she had it all figured out.  I went off to college with a plan and I wanted to capture with this layout.  My plan flew right out the window, but what happened was so much better than any plan ever could have been! 

The journaling on this layout reads:  Well almost.  Soon there will be a boyfriend she was not expecting, friends she’ll adore, the next year she’ll visit Washington and decide to move.  So much for the plan.

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The next project

We are laboring over the Labor Day holiday weekend.  One of the many projects on our list when we bought this house was to fix the entry.  The doors were old and outdate with a 4 inch window.  The entry was too small.  When greeting a guest you couldn’t open the door and welcome them in your home.  They had to go straight upstairs.  No friendly chatting at the door we pretty much opened the door and extened an arm poining upstairs while saying hello. 
So two weeks ago we ordered the new doors and the demo began yesterday.  Since photos are worth a thousand words, here are the pictures of the days progress.
click on any photo to enlarge it

Work begins on the removal of the old doors

Out they come!

Down comes the pink glass window that hung above the doors.  I like pink, but a pink window?  What was the builder thinking back in the 1970s?

The men survey the large hole in the side of the house

Here is what the large hole looks like from outside.

New framing up and the new door going into place.

This shows you what has been added.  The wood was the old entry.  The plywood area is what has been added to the entry area of the house.  Now we will be able to greet our guests and open the garage door without banging it into the front door.

And here we are at the end of work day 2.  The cardboard and plastic are off the doors and the door works!!  The area above the door will have a clear window, but for now has a piece of plywood covering the whole as the window is still on order.


There is still lots of work to go before the entry will be done, but it is coming along. 

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Lavendar Festival

Each year in July the fields in Sequim are filled with purple and the air is scented with lavendar.  What a glorious time of year.  I’m taking my life in my hands as I say this, but up until seven years ago I didn’t like lavendar.  Not one little bit. What I had encountered up to that point was in stores and it was heavily scented.  So much so that it often gave me a headache instead of providing me with the calming feelings everyone promised me lavendar should. Getting me to attend the Sequim Lavendar Festival 7 years ago took a lot of arm twisting on the part of my Mom.  I’m ever so greatful that she won that battle and I went.  In the fields this flower/herb is amazing.  It smells fresh and a bit floral, but causes no headaches! 
This year we attended the festival again with our friends Jaime and Angeles as well as my parents.  It was the most fun to spend the time with them and Jaime & Angeles’ two children wondering the fields.   Here are some photos from our day in Sequim.
(click on any photo to see a larger version of it)

Selena’s first ride on a bus – She was quite taken with it

Keith and Jaime talking

Angeles and Selena in the Lavendar

Bird feeders in the fields

The reason we are there – Lavendar

Bee on  the Lavendar

More Lavendar

I loved this – It is the shop ceiling at Purple Haze Lavendar Farm

Selena enjoying her bite of white chocolate lavendar ice cream.  Every one but Keith and Jaime loved it

Selena pondering the lavendar

How many adults does it take to get a photo of one child in the lavendar? 
Apparently two. 
One to take the picture and one to make sure she doesn’t take off running into the fields.
It was a wonderful afternoon.  In downtown Sequim they have all kinds of venders, live music, and just about any kind of food you could want.  It is a wonderful reason to visit the area in July.  The festival is the 3rd weekend in July each year.

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Heaven in an apple

Yes I found it in an apple.  At Rocky Mountain Candy in Victoria, Canada you can find Heaven in an apple.  A sweet, yet tart granny smith apple covered in lushish caramel.  Mine even had white chocolate! Yum
Victoria was beautiful as always when I visited about two weeks ago.  It was my first summer trip to the city.  Always before I’ve visited in the winter.  I know this lovely city is just an hour away by ferry and I should visit much more often, I just get caught up in daily life and forget how wonderful it is over there.  Here are more photos from the day and this wonderful city.
 (Click on the photo for a larger version)

My parents and their neighbors daughters.  It was the girls first trip to Victoria!

Victoria is full of beautiful flowers

In Victoria’s Chinatown

Who knew Darthvader played the violin!?

The Empress – first photo is inside in a basement hallway.  All the parts of this hotel are beautiful!


The parliment building

Seattle’s King 5 Evening Magazine Float Plane – Maggie Arrives in the Inner Harbor

Some Tall Ships were still in Victoria from the area festivals

As we were leaving Victoria the Coho Ferry went past the houseboat neighborhoods and I was able to get some good photos of them.

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Busy has been a very popular four letter word around our house lately and so my blog has been greatly ignored.  Our anniversary was on the 24th of July and we had a wonderful day.  Keith and I both had the day off work to spend together like crazy love birds!  The highlight was a gift from my parents…a new grill!
The old one that had seen better days – It had grilled many a wonderful feasts for us though!
The new one  ~  What an upgrade!
Keith getting it put together
With this new grill we have more cooking space so bring on the parties!
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